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Hannah is the mastermind behind many of the recipes you’ll find on The Whole Kitchen. She began blogging about food as a way to answer the many requests by friends and family for recipe ideas and meal planning inspiration.

In her childhood, Hannah spent many years on their family’s hobby farm milking the cows, gathering eggs, and tending to the garden. At a young age, Hannah learned to appreciate farm-to-table food and is still practices this in her own kitchen. Later in life, Hannah pursued a degree in Environmental Engineering and gradated in 2008. She deferred her professional aspirations after college to stay home with our two kids.

Today, you will find Hannah reading gardening magazines, visiting local farms, and planning events for her family. She finds true joy in the simple things of life and loves listening to people share their stories. Occasionally Hannah leads small groups through a series of health, wellness, and cooking classes.



Aaron first learned about the Paleo movement back in 2011 which eventually lead to the adoption of a Paleo-inspired diet (and was the catalyst for this site becoming a reality). Aaron is responsible for the design and maintenance of The Whole Kitchen and is also a main contributor to the blog.

He is currently working as a data center engineering consultant which often means travelling to a variety places and cultures all around the world. When Aaron is not busy working, you will find him sipping on yerba mate, listening to the lasted podcast about health and nutrition, and enjoying the outdoors with his family.



Lily is the oldest child and is the official Whole Kitchen evangelist. Just ask her classmates. She has been enjoying a real food diet for over three years and shares her positive experiences with friends, family, and schoolmates. Be careful, she just might offer to share her kale salad with you.

You will never find Lily in front of a TV. She enjoys doing gymnastics and thrives on the physical challenges. Life has just begun for this young star who dreams of owning her own restaurant.

Levi Eating


Levi is the main reason why The Whole Kitchen began. He was born allergic to tree nuts, dairy, and eggs. As a result, he was eating a ton of processed grains (sweetened oatmeal became his first love). He had a number of persistent symptoms like eczema and was seriously underweight. Aaron made the connection that his gut and his health were linked together. From here The Whole Kitchen was born and so was a new way of eating.

Since Levi transitioned off the grains, dairy, and sugar he is remarkably stronger and healthier. We thought Levi was just another a picky eater, now we realize he was just addicted to gluten and sugar. Eliminating these foods out of Levi’s diet changed his life – forever. After 10 months going strict Paleo, he was re-tested for egg and nut allergies. To everyone’s amazement (and with no real medical understanding) he is now able to digest these foods normally. It’s not a sales pitch, it just significantly changed our family for the better and we couldn’t be happier.